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We try to sell products without using the power of aroma

Based on various research, using aroma will gain your product sales between 25 - 50%


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Smell me TM

Technology and advantages

Any scent can be transferred to any surface so that the product smells actively.

Low cost technology to get scent on products

TM Smell me

Smell me™ Aroma-Lock Technology is
the only patented active scent application in the World

Karjalankatu 2, 3rd floor

Mail: info@smellme.com

00520 Helsinki

Tel: +358 (0)9 3424 3424


Skype: smellmejj

Suitable for all liquid form printing technologies; Silk screen-,

offset-, flexo-, ink jet- and tampo technologies.

No need for modifications in printing machines

Controlled and long lasting scent evaporation time

The use of already existing scent is also possible with low cost and fast delivery – perfume’s etc.


Marketing materials

POS –materials

Packages (FMCG)

Stickers and labels

Direct mail




Plush toys

Give away's

Game industry characters

Air fresheners

Toy industry

Car industry apps

Parfume industry

Food industry -food grade

Endless possibilities...


Does it cause allergy?
Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation studies show that the scents do not cause allergies.

How long does the scent last?
Scent lasts from several weeks to even months and with our technology evaporation time can be even adjust.

Are scents hazardous to health?
No. All fragrances are manufactured under IFRA's regulations (IFRA = International Fragrance Association).

How much does it cost?
Implementation with large format printing technology means
low unit costs. Cost per unit depends on the printing technology, material and the size of printed surface.


Scent marketing

The sense of smell

is strongest of all senses


is most primal sense


is located in the limbic system of the brain and

is thus directly connected to memory and emotions

Humans can remember up to 10,000 fragrances

Humans remember 35% of what they smell, only 5% of
what they see

Scent marketing evokes emotional and memory based experiences

Scent marketing envelopes customers with more than just sight and sound

Scent marketing uses the strong link between scents and brand


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